"Allegorical imagery is appropriated imagery; the allegorist does not inherit images but confiscates them. He lays claim to the culturally significant, and poses as an interpreter... He does not restore an original meaning that may have been lost or obscured... Rather, he adds another meaning to the image. If he adds, however, he does so only to replace." - Craig Owens

In a form of representation that has transformed from an object of absolute truth, to one thats governed with a skeptical eye. The hand, plays a central role in materializing these actions into a fictitious reality. These images created with a large format hand- made camera make reference to past and present modes of photographic editing.

Re-Touching gestures to our symbolic nature of interacting with technology and the metonymic relationships found throughout the medium over the course of time. It also brings into question our shifting value of the handmade object, in relation to that produced by a machine. What was once praised for its perfection is now being flaunted as the charm of imperfection.